Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers for a Birthday

Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers for a Birthday

Soothing effect and the sweet scent of flowers is a beautiful gift for birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation day, retirement day, etc. Bouquet of a flower has been an easy choice to gift someone who is not too close to you as we need to think so much what to gift a person whom we don’t know, whether he/she will like that gift or not. Flowers are the most popular of all the gifts.

Birthday Gift

A fresh bouquet of flowers with chocolates are considered best gifts. Flowers are the perfect gift for all ages of people. Orchids are loved by most of the people so it’s a good idea to gift Orchid flowers on a birthday. Roses are a symbol of Love or a relationship you have with someone, so gifting a flower can convey your feelings. You can always make a combination of chocolates and bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift, the person will love it and will bring a smile on his/her face.

Different Flowers Have Different Meaning! Let’s Discuss Which Flower to Gift On the Occasion of Birthday.


Lilies are found all across the globe. Lilies symbolize happiness and positivity.  Gift lilies to your friends, relatives, Mom’s, brothers and sisters. You can gift lilies to anyone on their occasion of birthday. If you are planning to gift someone beautiful flower bouquets, then we have Flower Bouquet Delivery Dubai.

Mixed Roses

Roses are loved by all. You can always gift bouquet of mixed roses on the occasion of birthday. It’s right that different colour of roses symbolizes different meaning. If you give a red colour of rose to someone it symbolizes love, yellow colour rose symbolize friendship, pink colour symbolize appreciation.


Orchids are universally loved by all. If you planning to gift a bouquet of flower to a girlfriend-boyfriend, husband-wife on their birthday then consider gifting bouquet of Orchid flowers. Orchids symbolize love, luxury, beauty, and strength. 

Birthday Flowers by Month and Their Significance:

1.    January- Carnation, and Snowdrop

Carnation are known as “Flowers of God”. Carnation flowers naturally grow in 6 colours. Carnation express love and fascination. Historically carnation flowers were first used by Greeks and Romans.

Snowdrop flower symbolizes “Hope”. Blossoming of snowdrop is a sign that winter is transforming to spring with the hope that this winter will finish too.

2.    February- Iris 

Iris flower symbolizes faith, courage, hope, and wisdom.  Iris flowers blooms in early summers or midsummers. Irish was the name of Greek goddesses.

3.    March- Daffodil

Daffodil flowers symbolize new beginnings. In England, it’s believed that if you have the first Daffodil in the house you will have great luck for the entire year. Daffodil means a fresh start so Chinese believes that Daffodil in the house brings prosperity. 

4.    April- Daisy

Daisy symbolizes childbirth and motherhood. Daisy flowers are given to mother’s who have given birth to a child.

5.    May- Lily of The Valley

Lily of the valley flower is mostly used in weddings and Easter. It symbolizes purity and happiness. According to the Bible Mary’s tears were turned into Lily of the valley flower and is also called Mary’s flower.

6.    June- Rose

Most recognized and loved flower is Rose. Rose symbolize love. Rose convey strong emotions. Different colour of roses have different emotions to convey. To born in this month and to associate with the symbol of love is a very special thing.

7.    July- Larkspur

Larkspur flower symbolizes ardent attachment, love, and affection. Larkspur flower belongs to the buttercup family. Many people get confused between Larkspur and delphinium plants, both are different flowers but from the same family i.e. buttercup family.

Countries Having Different Culture to Gift Flowers.

Middle East

In middle east countries, flowers are traditionally used for funerals and weddings. Gifts are given or received with right hands not with the left hands or you can use both the hands whichever is comfortable. Roses have been used to make perfumes in middle east countries for a very long time.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world. This helps us understand that people of Dubai love different type of flowers. There are different online websites in Dubai who delivers a bouquet of flowers at your doorstep.


China has a tradition to gift flowers to their teachers. Peonies flowers are the most popular flowers in China, especially for weddings. Peonies flowers are favourite among all other flowers in China. Potted flowers are considered a bad sign of gift in Asian countries. Bouquet of flowers is not chosen as a birthday gift in Russia they chose a single flower to gift on birthdays. Russian always prefer to gift an odd number of flowers on an occasion of joy.


During earlier days’ women’s during the wedding, use to carry a bouquet of tulip flowers to prevent themselves from affecting evil spirits and ensuring fertility. In England, Lilies are avoided gifting on an occasion of Joy as they signify the sign of death. In Europe they usually prefer to gift an odd number of flowers, however, 13 flowers had been considered unlucky.


In Africa bouquet of flowers is mostly gifted on the occasion of Christmas. In Egypt, flowers are only gifted on weddings and funeral Egyptians do not consider having a bouquet of flowers on all occasions.  

Additional Information

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